Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hong Kong on Steps

Artist: Lee Tae-ho

Lee Tae-ho is a multi-media artist and art critic who also teaches at the College of Fine Art in Kyunghee University. He has acted as the artistic director for International art projects  including the Busan Biennale, Seoul - Asia Art Now, the Kyung Hee Gallery, the Naksan Public Art Project in Seoul, and as the curator of ‘Women Artists in Action’ at the SomArts Bay Gallery in San Francisco. He has also held solo exhibitions at Gallery One in New Jersey back in 1989, and more recently the ‘Archive of Public Art’ at the Naxan Art Space in Seoul, Korea in 2014. 

Lee Tae-ho為多媒體藝術家及藝術評論家,於南韓慶熙大學藝術學院任教。他同時擔任多個國際藝術項目的藝術總監,如釜山雙年展、Seoul - Asia Art NowKyung Hee Gallery、首爾駱山公共藝術企劃及美國三藩市SomArts Bay Gallery Women Artists in Action 展覽的策展人。他於1989年在美國新澤西州 Gallery One 舉行首次個人展覽, 而最新的個人展覽為2014年在韓國首爾駱山公共藝術區舉行的「Archive of Public Art」。
I chose to draw the fish pond, the Bauhinia flower garden and the Hong Kong harbor with my team.
1. Gold fish live in the lotus pond, and are loved by Hong Kong citizens and Asians as a symbol of good fortune. I believe the people can have a new visual sense and peace of mind when they see my fish pond.
2. The Bauhinia flower garden I drew has the flowers that are loved by Hong Kong citizens covering the cement stairs. They give warmth and create a bright atmosphere.
3. There are still traditional junk boat in Hong Kong harbor. They attract not only foreigners but also modern folks. The attractive boat connects the old Hong Kong with the modern metropolis that it has become today. 
1. 魚塘:居於荷塘的金魚,廣受香港大眾喜愛,在亞洲人心中亦是幸運的象徵,我相信觀眾可以得到全新的觀感及祥和的心情。
2. 洋紫荊花園:以香港人喜愛的市花洋紫荊繪在階梯上,給人一種溫暖和歡快的氣氛。
3. 香港維港:維多利亞港上的傳統中式帆船除了是外地遊客必看景點外,亦能吸引年輕一輩,這些帆船能把香港的古與今緊緊連繫在一起。