Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hong Kong on Steps

Artist: Bao Ho

Bao Ho is a Hong Kong based artist who mainly works with mural art and illustrations. Before getting inspired to start her career in 2015, Bao spent two years travelling to Australia, Taiwan and Europe. 

Bao Ho(何文蕙)是土生土長的香港創作人,現時全職從事壁畫及插畫創作。她用了兩年時間遊歷澳洲、台灣及歐洲多國,並於2015年回港正式投入藝術創作。
Hong Kong for me is like a big machine: it is filled with energetic and hard-working people, and is a bit over-crowded. But it also means people are all connected, so it’s easy for us to know and support each other. And this weird machine is not a cold machine. In this machine are interesting creatures and other equally interesting specimens, representing the friendly and positive minds of Hong Kong people.