Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hong Kong on Steps

Artist: Candy Bird

Candy Bird is a renowned street artist from Taiwan and has been creating mural artworks throughout the streets of his home country. These artworks propagate his ideas on humanity and the injustice faced by societies around the world including Japan, Germany, Brazil and Myanmar. Through his art, Candy Bird reveals his own philosophy and perception of the world when it comes to the hierarchical system that abandons minorities and people struggling in developing economies. Currently, he is experimenting on a dynamic range of artworks that resonate with his audience around social justice.

I treat street art, or “urban art” as a means of creating my own art, rather than pursuing spectacles.  Graffiti and drawings etched on walls in different places often relate to different aspect of local culture, history and personal observation; for me, this is the true meaning of “street art”. Hong Kong, a rich blend of cultures that give it its unique character, causes the collision and integration of value under pluralism. All these different forms of collisions are inspirational as they lead us toward new perspectives. I filled my staircase with symbolic imagery to use “design” as a starting point to spread the power of imagination: the new vigor and vitality of a city comes from the observation of old things, and from this the discovery of new value in old things.
我將 Street art及Urban art 視為傳達理念的創作手法,而非單純追求視覺上的奇觀。出現在不同地方的塗鴉、壁畫,有時融入了當地的文化、歷史與個人觀察;對我來說,這才是Street art的意涵。香港是獨一無二的地方,不同的價值觀在此匯聚、碰撞,在許多方面構成了意味深長的張力。各種形式的衝突,亦驅策了人們朝更新的方向前進。我以零碎的樓梯空間結合隱喻的圖像,以「設計」為發想起點,希望傳達充滿想像力的能量:「城市裡新的活力,來自於觀察舊的事物,以及從舊事物裡發現新的價值。」